Veganism as a lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle 

Veganism as a part of modern age: yes or no?! If you ask me, I would totally go for it. Vegan lifestyle not only mean a person who does not eat animal products, but only not using products which are made or tested on animals. Veganism vary from a vegetarian diet to not eating proceed food that includes animal products; like wine. Abstaining from the use of animal products can give you many advantages. First, and most importantly it will improve your health and stamina. Second, knowing the fact that you are not a part of the society where animal are treated badly can help you feel better for yourself. Also, using a cosmetic products which are absolutely cruelty free and made with vegan ingredients will increase you skin vitality.

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Cruelty free products

Being a vegan does not mean you need to be a member of organisations like People of the Ethical Treatments of Animal. Or maybe walk around with transparent “Save The Animals” and spread the propaganda. I think that everyone has the right to make a choose and eat what he thinks is the best for him. But, I need You to agree with one thing: animals go through so much pain during the testing so we can live longer and embrace the life. Such a paradox! Enjoying a planet while destroying it….


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