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FACED offers professional, certified and experienced makeup artists, who are trained on the benefits of using 100% non-toxic, organic and vegan makeup and skin care.

Our vision is to have women educated and using vegan, organic, and nontoxic skincare and makeup on a global scale.

Our mission is to work with passionate makeup artists, and women of all ages using makeup artistry as a tool for education and a vehicle for visual expression.

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The Makeup Shopping “Experience”

Shopping for makeup is definitely an experience in itself. We all are familiar with the big box stores carrying millions of brands and products. But what kind of experience are you really having? Is it good, bad, overwhelming, exciting, or exhausting? Is it the shopping experience or the products themselves that we are really after? Last […]

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About Face(d) – Get to know your makeup

Meet FACED, a vegan and non-toxic makeup artistry company. Our goal is to provide you with a gorgeous makeup application and education about vegan makeup products. We only use HAUT Cosmetics from Canada. HAUT it is an incredible professional quality makeup and skincare line that is organic, cruelty-free, and completely free of any synthetic chemicals or preservatives. […]

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Vegan Makeup Excuses 101 – “It’s too expensive!”

When hearing the term “organic” or “natural” we begin to see dollar signs beside those words – is it true that organic vegan makeup more expensive? Absolutely not! The most common way I explain the price of the products that we work with is “it’s more expensive than Shoppers Drug Mart, but less expensive than […]

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